USAble Mutual Insurance Company

Pharmacy Program

Escalating drug costs are becoming the primary contributor to rising costs of healthcare. USAble Mutual Insurance Company is responding by working with physicians and pharmacists to identify generic equivalents to brand-name drugs and other steps physicians, pharmacists and members may take to control costs.

Our pharmacy programs can eliminate paper claim forms and employ technology for electronic pharmacy claims processing.

Other Features

  • A drug utilization review program evaluates a patient's medication history with each prescribed medication to check for potentially dangerous drug interactions.
  • Formulary structure and member copayments encourage the use of generic drugs where appropriate.
  • Agreements with participating pharmacies offer insured groups the lowest available prices.
  • Claims summary reports provide important analytical data.

Benefits to Members and Pharmacists

When a member presents a prescription at a participating pharmacy, the Pharmacy Program computer will instantly alert the pharmacy to the following:

  • Any potential harmful interaction of the medication about to be dispensed with any other medication that the patient may already be taking;
  • Whether this medication may duplicate another medication the patient is taking;
  • Whether the prescribed dosage or strength is appropriate for the age of the patient.

These features help save money and promote good health for our members.

Printable Drug Lists

For More Information

Call Pharmacy Department: 501-378-3392